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Terms of use

Last update on 25 October 2016

Below are the terms of use for the Online Payment Gateway Portal, Thumbs Pay, including your rights and responsibilities during access and/or use of our service. Accessing this portal means that you have acknowledged and agreed to the terms and conditions, and they are an agreement between you as Thumbs Pay merchant, involved agencies, and us, for access and/or use of this website. The terms and conditions here shall replace the preconditions that you accepted upon previous entry to this site.

Online Payment

Kindly please read these conditions carefully before proceeding to use our online payment gateway service. By using our online payment gateway service, you are automatically in agreement with these terms. If you do not accept all or any of the terms, then you are advised not to use this service. All payments are based on these conditions:

Thumbs Pay will not accept any liability for payment that is rejected by the right account agency when you keyed in the wrong account number or your personal details are not correct. We also will not accept any liability if your payment is not permitted or rejected by your credit/debit card provider for any reason.
If your credit/debit card provider rejects your payment, Thumbs Pay is not responsible to bring this matter to your attention. You have to check with the bank or with the credit/debit card provider if there is a rejected payment from your account.
Thumbs Pay, in any condition, will not be responsible for any loss caused by usage, inability of usage, or as a result of usage of this website, any website related to this website, or items or information from all or any of the websites, whether it is based on guarantee, contract, tort, or any law theory and whether informed or not about the possibility of loss/damage.
Your payment will be accepted by the account agency that you executed the payment to on the same day. Payment Confirmation

You shall receive a payment confirmation on your screen after you have made a payment. You can print out the proof of payment when your transaction is successful for your own record.

Refund Policy

If you have any question regarding excess payment in your account and feel that you may be entitled for a refund, please prepare the proof of payment confirmation or reference number and contact the agency related to this issue.


All payment details that are keyed in through this online payment gateway by you or a third-party user (i.e. your buyer) upon purchase are encrypted and therefore concealed from public view. Communication from the base and to the service supplier will also be undisclosed.

Thumbs Pay will not be responsible for any failure in payment by the online user or the third-party user to protect data on their screen from being seen by other entity or obtained by those who involved, during the online payment process or related to any incomplete of exact information during the online payment process.

Responsibility Limit

You have clearly understood and agreed that Thumbs Pay will not be responsible for any damage that is direct, indirect, secondary in nature, specific, in stages or exemplary, including but not limited to loss in the form of profit, good intention or other obvious loss as a result of, but not limited to:

use or inability to use this service;
cost of obtaining items or service following buying of any item, data, information or service or replacement or received message or transaction that is made through or from this portal;
access without permission or change in delivery or your data;
statement or third-party’s action on this website; and
anything that is related to this portal.

Thumbs Pay can terminate your access to any of our service section or to the whole service and anything that is related to it at anytime, with or without reason, with or without notice, effective immediately.

Thumbs Pay can also terminate or suspend your account that is inactive, defined as a failure to use this service for a long period of time. You agreed that we are not responsible to you or to any third-party user for the termination or suspension of access.

Change in Service Conditions

Thumbs Pay have the rights, at any time and with prior notice, to make changes, improvements, cancelations or additions to these conditions. Nevertheless, in urgent situation, or for the purpose of protection of this website, or in an out-of-hand situation, when there is a need for change, improvement, cancelation or addition on this website, it will do so without making any prior notice to you or to any third-party user. It is to an agreement that to ensure you are following any change, improvement, cancelation or addition to these conditions, you will access and identify these conditions constantly from time to time. You further agree and accept that constant access and use of these conditions (which are changed from time to time) will be considered as an acceptance for any change, improvement, cancelation or addition to these conditions.

Change in Service

Thumbs Pay has the right, at any time and from time to time, to change or end, temporarily or permanently, service (or any part of it) with or without notice. You agree that Thumbs Pay will not be responsible to you or to any third-party on any change, suspension or termination of service.


All titles used under these conditions are just for reference and cannot be taken as a translation of these conditions. If any of these conditions is against or does not qualify under the present or future Law, that particular condition will be partly set aside, and will be translated as if it is invalid, never been listed with other conditions under the Terms and Conditions and other conditions in the Terms and Conditions will stay as they are with full rights and will not be affected by the condition that is against or does not qualify under the Law.